Sunday, 29 January 2012


You are having some misunderstand with Doojoon. he ignore you and you ignore him. one day you receive a letter.

Dear Mya , BEAST is inviting you to their concert BEAUTIFUL SHOW. hope you can come as we are already provide you the ticket.

on that day, you go to the concert. It is kinda boring to you as you are having problem with BEAST's leader Doojoon and you are about to leave. suddenly.................

Doojoon: B2UTYS, i have an annoucement to do. before that i wanna call Mya to come here on the stage.
all the lights are focusing at you.with blurr face you go to the stage.
you: yaa~!!! what are you doing?
Doojoon: shh~~ just wait and see.

suddenly, all BEAST members come out and sing 'BEAUTIFUL' song, bring some red roses and a box o chocolate. Doojoon come and knelt at you.

Doojoon: (your name) mianhae for our misunderstand before. i really love you and i can't lose you. will you forgive me?
you: err...oppa, why you doing this? there's thousands of B2UTYS watching us.
Doojoon: shh~ just answer me.
you: oppa! you're annoying! that's why i love you ♥ yes, i forgive you. saranghae oppa~!!
Doojoon: saranghaeyo too Mya-ssi.
he kiss your lips in front of thousands B2UTYS !!!! ♥

Okeyy , aku copypaste and aku letak nama aku xDD

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